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Russian Business Forum

Repeal the linguistic barriers and disseminate your information all over Russia.
Develop and ensure your presence on the Russian market.

1. Business Forum within your on-line communication strategy.

Before launching out in the international development adventure, each company must be aware that it is necessary to adapt :

• International marketing strategy
• Communication strategy
• On-line communication strategy

International marketing strategy is composed of communication strategy which includes online communication strategy.
So why a business Forum?
In this chain the Business Forum project is one of the tools of on-line communication. This project takes place among other on-line means of communication such as on line advertising campaign or websites…
In no case this project does represent the only solution of international marketing strategy nor even the on-line communication one. This project is one of the means of presenting your company on the Russian Internet.

The three most important on-line communication rules are :
• Adaptation
• Creation
• Diffusion and search engine optimisation

Before carrying out on-line communication strategy, we need :
• to adapt information to the Russian market ;
• to create Russian pages so that prospective customers and partners can easily consult your information ;
• to disseminate and refer your information in the Russian Internet so that prospective customers and partners find your information without difficulties.

Our Business Forum project helps you to solve those problems all at once. Registering in the catalogue gives you several advantages; a free access to your information adapted to the Russian market, an access to your Russian webpage containing your information that you may use as your Russian page, and the search engine optimisation of your page at the same time as the Business Forum project.

2. Business Forum within our online communication strategy.

You might have questions. Why this forum? What’s its purpose? Why is it free?
This project is very useful and very important for you - companies expanding internationally, and more precisely towards Russia - but also for our agency. Thanks to this forum we have a direct contact with our prospective customers and it enables us to know your problems, your concerns and expectations…and therefore improve our services, adapt our policy and strategy.

3. Running principles

This project is dedicated to Russian and English-speaking companies as well as private individuals. There are thus two versions: one in Russian and the other one in English. For that purpose we have a catalogue in which all information relative to a company is presented (name, logo, corporate name, address, sphere of activity...) Private individuals and companies can also use our service of advertisements. This service is for economical and commercial use only.

After your inscription, your data or your advertisements will be checked, translated and placed in the Russian version. You can modify this information and add new advertisements through the French version anytime. All modifications will be taken into account automatically in the Russian version. We commit ourselves to offering a high quality service and we give us the right to contact you in the event of unspecified concern.

All services are entirely free: consultation, translation, diffusion.

One of the major objectives of this project is to make possible to the English-speaking users to consult information and advertisements of Russian private individuals and Russian companies.

You must be a member in order to be on the companies list, to leave comments, to post adverts and to take part in the forum.

Your webpage in Russian.

After your inscription you will receive a confirmation email with a page link to your Russian data. In the event of contacts with customers, partners or Russian potential collaborators, you can use this link to present your company in Russian language. This link on your web site will allow Russian speaking visitors to consult the presentation of your Russian company.

The Russian version

All information published on this English version could be found in the Russian one.
The Russian version has the same principle of operation as the French version, thus you can find Russian companies and private individuals advertisements and proposals, in the French version.


On the forum you can exchange with French and Russian businessmen and commercials, and ask our expert questions. He’s an active member of the forum.


Following your registration and after reception of a confirmation email, , your company will automatically be listed in the thirty Russian and thirty French directories within the framework of our search engine optimisation project on Internet.

4. Search engine optimisation of the project.

Our Business Forum project is present in search engines of Russia and France. The more popular are:,,,,,, ...
Each Net surfer in either France or Russia can find information about companies, their advertisements, but has also the possibility to publish information concerning his own company or his offers…
We are listed in different catalogues sets of themes from the Russian and French Internet. Our project is geographically oriented towards net surfers from any former USSR country.
Today it includes the following countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Estonia with an estimated population of more than 300 million.
To promote the Business Forum, we are cooperating actively with other Internet projects, which were made to improve and make easier business contacts between companies in various fields of the Russian and French markets.

_PRINTER-Russian Business Forum<br>
Repeal the linguistic barriers and disseminate your information all over Russia.<br>Develop and ensure your presence on the Russian market.

_FRIEND-Russian Business Forum<br>
Repeal the linguistic barriers and disseminate your information all over Russia.<br>Develop and ensure your presence on the Russian market.
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