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The new procedure of registration the medicinal products in Azerbaijan.

AzerbaijanMedicine counterfeiting is a worrying problem that spreads across most countries. In Azerbaïdjan, customers don’t have confidence in the governmental authorities. Indeed, the pharmaceutical market has just begun its development in a country where no law applies the founded standards and rules. The Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan, which enables the drugs registration, has decided to take things in hands and fired government officials.

Those efforts start to bear fruit, and the black market tends to disappear to the official well regulated market and its strict rules. Here is the interview of Mr. Vahid Naguiyev, director of the Innovation and Supplying Centre:

- Today the pharmaceutical market is in a rather difficult position. How do you expect to resolve the situation?

- Yes, I must admit the situation is complex. The counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products is one of the reasons of this difficult task. We needed to correct all the past mistakes in order to protect our citizens. We were conscious of work to achieve to get rid of misuses and to regain confidence of our customers and pharmaceutical market companies. First of all we decided to create one single system to manage the entire pharmaceutical market. Before the Ministry of Health’s agreement, our colleagues drew up all the documents needed for the regulation of the pharmaceutical market in Azerbaijan. Those rules and standards will help us to bring the pharmaceutical market on its way to civilized development. We have already begun the documents’ validation for the registration of medicinal products, and this procedure will enable us to refer the whole market.

- What’s the procedure to register medicinal products today and what are the differences with the previous one?

- Until today the registration of medicinal products was a mere formality and its procedure was reduced to the bare minimum. The new procedure of registration has been worked out by the Centre’s specialists and the representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO) whom also established which standards to meet. The registration’s procedure voted for a specialized expertise to be held over a 7 months period. Previously, the procedure was several weeks long without any expertise. We created the Pharmacological Unnion and the Ministry of Health’s Unnion Pharmacopeia, where members are all specialists in medicinal fields. Thus, after reception of their registration certificate, pharmaceutical companies interested in Azerbaijanis market will have obligation to announce their official distributors, the only ones allowed to import the registrated products inside Azerbaijan’s territory.
More information about the pharmaceutical market of Azerbaijan you can find on the forum.

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Posted on Tuesday, January 30 @ 05:11:20 MST
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