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TV Advertising (Commercials) in Russia.

RussiaRussians dislike the content and format of today’s TV commercials. About two-thirds of Russian TV viewers (questions were asked of those saying they have a TV set, or 99%) react negatively to commercials appearing on their TV screen; 51% of respondents say they switch the channel or even turn off the TV (4%), while 7% watch the commercials with the sound turned off. A quarter of the respondents (25%) do other things during commercials. Only 11% of those surveyed say they actually watch TV commercials. Representatives of all age groups demonstrated the same general level of interest in TV commercials.

At the same time, a full 50% of respondents say that there are some TV commercials they do like (broken down into 47% who said that there are very few TV advertisements they like, and the 3% that believes that said that there are quite a few that are to their liking.) The share of those who dislike today’s TV commercials is slightly less than a half – 44% (or 30% among young people).

The overwhelming majority of respondents (91%) say that today’s TV commercials are too long, while only 6% of those surveyed are inclined to think that they are just right duration-wise (young people were more likely to express the last opinion – 11%.) It is of no surprise that nine-tenth (88%) of Russians approve of a bill limiting the duration of TV commercials that was recently passed by the State Duma, while only 2% disapprove of it, and 8% are indifferent about it.

Russians’ negative attitude towards TV commercials certainly stems from complaints about their length or quality, but respondents have also taken active issue with the subjects of the advertisements. Only 11% of respondents believe that legitimate goods or services of any kind may be advertised, while three-quarters (74%) believe that only some legitimate goods and services may be advertised, advocating the exclusion of alcohol (38%), personal hygiene products (28%), tobacco (20%) and medication (16%).

The share of respondents ready to pay money in order to watch television without commercials (32%) may give us some indication of the depth of people’s dislike of TV commercials. Half the respondents (52%), when given the choice of paying for commercial-free TV or having free, commercial-laden TV, opted for the latter choice (interestingly, there was no differentiation on this issue across social-demographic groups, except the apparent readiness of women to watch TV commercials, while men were most likely to pay money for its having them disappear.)

We should note that according to more than half of the respondents, (55%) today’s television cannot exist without advertising. One-third (32%) holds the opposite view.

Source: The Public Opinion Foundation
09.03.2006, Population Poll

Nation-wide home interviews conducted March 4-5 2006 in 100 residencies in 44 regions. A sample size of 1500 respondents. Additional polls of the Moscow population, with a sample of 600 respondents. The margin of error does not exceed 3,6%.
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Posted on Monday, May 22 @ 08:01:59 MST
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