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Bring the Russian market to your web site. Our service of online promotion.

Online promotion uses clever online techniques to attract web traffic.

Online promotion (also called "guerilla marketing") is a technique used in Web promotion that brings traffic to a web site from other niche-specific search engines and directories, e-magazines, lists of resources, discussion forums, chat groups newsletters, discussion groups, newsgroups, etc. These are places on the Internet where people with similar interests would congregate. People are often more apt to visit your web site if they are already reading about a particular subject, and they see a link to your web site (same-subject) than simply by clicking on a banner. Your site might attract higher quality visitors from this Web promotion technique than from search engines.

Online promotion is a very effective technique used in global online marketing that takes place in each language that you wish to target (we offer you the online promotion in Russian-speaking countries). It covers a wide gamut of techniques to attract people to a web site, including:

Strategic Linking
Strategic Linking is a cornerstone to building the necessary infrastructure to drive long-term traffic to your site. Our specialists have a wide knowledge of the range of web sites in Russian language. As a result, we have an intimate knowledge on where to find appropriate links for a wide array of sites. Armed with this knowledge we are able to work efficiently at securing links in areas that complement your site. An Online Promotions Specialist in each country(where Russian language is used)you are targeting researches the Web for strategic sites to request links for your site. It is usually possible to have links, just for the asking -- but you have to find the appropriate web sites and, of course, you have to ask for the link and manage the response.

Link development lacks glamour and it requires tenacity and persistence. As a result it tends to be under-rated as an online promotional activity. However, when done properly it is an extremely cost-effective way to generate continuing traffic to content rich web sites.

Research and particpation in online discussion groups
Bulletin boards, message boards, and discussion groups are excellent and often overlooked marketing tools. They can be quite effective because they help develop relationships with prospects and customers. From building customer loyalty to providing customer assistance, participating in group discussions can help you build an excellent reputation with discussion group members. These online discussion groups can provide you with the opportunity to let others know about your products and/or services. They are quite subject-specific, so that if someone talks about your company's offering in one of the forums that has to do with the subject-matter of your product or service, you are sure to get several people asking for details after each message posted. Extremely qualified and interested prospects, wouldn't you say? This is an excellent way of attracting clients, since the forum acts as a community that endorses its members.

Forums research and particpation Similar to e-zines, discussion lists are done through e-mail. But the difference, however, is that subscribers may participate in the discussions as each person's e-mailed contribution is mailed to every other subscriber. On the other hand, discussion board messages are posted on a web page -- the top of the page being the most recent post. And the advantage of discussions boards over discussion lists is the fact that posts can be viewed by anyone.

Participating in these types of public forums is an effective and cost-effective way to build traffic. Not only are you capable of adding a signature file at the end of each one of your posts (the length of which depends on the group's guidelines), but you also have the ability to refer to key pages on your site -- as long as they are relevant to the topic(s) discussed.

Our Online Promotion Specialists researches the forums in Russia and identify those that are relevant to your products and/or services. It isn't always appropriate for your Online Promotions Specialist to post to these groups on your behalf. If that is the case, we recommend you participate in the forums we have identified. The key is to participate with the proper Internet etiquette (Netiquette), which means contribute to the discussion at hand first and foremost. It requires a light touch to deliver the sales message properly.

Our team knows their way around the email discussion groups and Newsgoups in the countries speaking Russian language, and can make posts to recommend others to visit your web site. A successful online promotion program is a matter of hard work, knowledge and contacts in the online community.

Occasionally it is possible to sponsor an email discussion group (like banner advertising), and this can also be a worthwhile way to attract traffic to a site.

Local link exchanges exist in each country.
If you have a banner available in several languages (we specialize in Russian language), we can enter it into a link exchange in the countries where Russian language is native. After you add some HTML code to your pages, your banner is shown on another site in the target country for each two times it appears on your site. We can set this up and send you monthly statistics.

A competitive web site analysis.
A competitive web site analysis in Russian-speaking countries. Who are your local competitors on the Web in Russian-speaking countries you are targeting? We can make a thorough research and report back to you.

Creating your company's own virtual community, to take a leadership role in certain countries. A newsletter or email discussion group that your company sponsors is one of the best ways of attracting people to your web site.

After the initial online promotion campaign is finished, you will notice a considerable jump in the number of visitors to your web site. However, after a while the number of visitors will drop off if you do not constantly make an effort to attract them back, or bring in new ones. This is why we recommend an on-going activity to keep on growing the number and quality of visitors to your site.

Another practice that can be quite useful in building traffic is using direct marketing to contact people who might be interested in sites like yours.

_PRINTER-Bring the Russian market to your web site. Our service of online promotion. _FRIEND-Bring the Russian market to your web site. Our service of online promotion.
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