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The Situation in Russia’s Regions.

RussiaToday, more than half of Russians (58%) are dissatisfied with the situation in their respective regions, while only 30% report satisfaction. Compared with poll data received in June 2005, this ratio has improved, although not too much: the figures were 63% and 27% before.

Respondents were asked to identify the spheres of life in which the situation in their regions had improved over the past one to two years, and those in which it had worsened. Naturally, the distribution of answers varies widely from one sphere to another. However, averaged data for the country as a whole is as follows: a positive dynamic is most often noted in such spheres as trade/commerce (27%), roads (20%), the mass media and public transportation (17% each.) We should note that the following spheres of life were most often mentioned as having changed for the better: alcohol addiction (28%), drug addiction (25%), crime (23%), the material well-being of the population (24%), agriculture (23%) and the work of housing and utilities services (21%).

Russians are more likely to evaluate the performance of the heads of their regions positively (41%), rather than negatively (25%). The number of positive evaluations of regional heads has not actually changed over the last one-and-a-half years; (that is, since the new procedures for gubernatorial elections were introduced) in November 2004, 40% of respondents offered positive evaluations. At the same time, the share of negative opinions has decreased noticeably – by 9 percentage points – from 34 to 25%, while the number of those having difficulties evaluating governors’ performance has increased. Perhaps this can be explained by changes in the ranks of governors; some unpopular ones have been dismissed and people have yet to form opinions of their successors’ performance.

Source: The Public Opinion Foundation
02.02.2006, Population Poll

Nation-wide home interviews conducted January 28-29 2006 in 100 residencies in 44 regions. A sample size of 1500 respondents. Additional polls of the Moscow population, with a sample of 600 respondents. The margin of error does not exceed 3,6%.
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Posted on Monday, May 22 @ 06:51:06 MST
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