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Russian commercial agent.
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eLigne Agency, headquartered in Strasbourg, France, is a uniquely positioned company providing communication, marketing, export and business solutions for small- and mid-size European companies planning to enter the russian marketplace.

We are not a typical distributor, reseller or importer who doubles your pricing, and simply kills your competitive edge. Our focus is to establish direct contacts between our European clients and Russian buyers.

Utilize eLigne Agency as your strategic russian business partner. With our support, you can enter one of the largest markets in the world faster and with less financial risk compared to internal company efforts.

eLigne Agency services also make an ideal option for companies who are looking to increase their current Russian market exposure and presence. We are a highly flexible organization that can meet your every need – from basic representation services, to larger initiatives requiring the development and execution of a focused and aggressive marketing plan.

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» The quality of the food in Russia 
About a quarter of Russians (26%) believe that over the last two or three years, the quality of the food their families eat has improved, while half as many people (13%) say their families' nutrition has become worse. Most, however, have not noticed any changes (58%).
» Russian marketplaces. 
In late December 2006, a new law was passed in Russia concerning retail marketplaces. A total 59% of Russians have visited local marketplaces since the introduction of the new law, and a new poll has helped determine if there have been any changes since. However, the majority of respondents haven’t noticed any changes at all. The quality of commodities and service have remained the same, according to 46% and 45%, respectively, of those surveyed (78% and 76% of those who have visited marketplaces recently). The range of food products sold has also not changed, according to 38%. Another 34% also say that the number of vendors hasn't changed. All in all, 33% of those surveyed voiced the general impression that the new law hasn’t had any effect on opportunities for local vendors to sell their fruit, vegetables and other products at marketplaces.
» Russian Real Estate Market 2007 
In one recent poll, we asked Russians whether housing where they live has become more or less available for average Russians over the past year. Most respondents (60%) say housing has become less available (more often in large and small cities and towns – 66% and 67%, respectively). On the other hand, 27% say nothing has changed (residents of rural areas – 39%), and just 5% believe housing has become more available.
» Russian search engine Yandex seems to be doing pretty well. 
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
I believe Yandex is the best-known Russian internet company for the English-speaking technology community. The company resembles Google in its operations quite a lot - but a smaller one, playing mainly on the national level and only making its first steps to achieve international expansion, like opening an office in the Silicon Valley and hiring former Yahoo search expert.
» Russia, China and India are rising power. 
The US's National Intelligence Council (NIC) declares "We can no longer call the shots alone," in a global trends report which sees China, India and Russia as rising power and predicts that the EU will be a "hobbled giant" by 2025. The four-yearly report pools the analysis of all US intelligence agencies. It predicts uncertain times, as Barack Obama prepares to become US President.
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